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I am pretty much obsessed with scented candles. I love incense, too, but candles don't make my room all smokey. I don't get to use my scented candles that often, since my husband hates all things scented. That being said, I get spoil myself a bit when he's off on deployments and missions. That is how I came across this incredible candle. 

I'd stumbled on Maselli's Country Candles while scouring Amazon for a great deal on something that would make my room smell amazing. I love everything coffee, and have a major addiction to it. When I came across this Cappuccino Brulee candle, I immediately fell in love with it. At such an affordable price, I figured I could take a chance on buying it without being able to smell it first. I'm glad I did!

This candle only needs to burn for a little bit before it makes my room smell positively ambrosial. It came in an adorable canning jar with a decorated lid. Even better, the company included a free gift - a Banana Nut Bread candle. It's a tiny sample size, but it has really lasted for quite some time, and smells AMAZING. I could not be happier with everything I received. 

Maselli's Country Candles does special orders, with over 300 scents to choose from. They offer easy online shopping, reward points, and love to include free candles with your purchase. I'm not getting anything out of this review, just so you know. I just REALLY love this company and will be purchasing all of my candles from them in the future.

From this link:  http://www.booklexia.com/homepagebooklexia/product-review-cappuccino-brulee-candle

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Alexia Bullard 00:11:08 04-11-2015
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