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What customers have to say
Patchouli Green Extra Large 32 Ounce Quart Canning Jar Scented Jar Candle With A Single Wick Made In USA Paraffin Wax; Zinc Core Wick; Glass Jar Burn Time Up To 200 Hours
The Patchouli Maselli Country is a must have!! This candle is pure heaven. Ive never had a candle bring so much peace. It so strong and burns even. No other candle compares. I know because im always searching for candles. And yes its a magical aroma. I strongly suggest Maselli Country Candle is the only way. Thank you for making these.. ...»
Mulberry Red Small 5 Ounce Bag Scented Tarts/Wax Chunks Made in USA Premium Fragrance Oil Long Lasting Paraffin Wax
The smell is fantastic. Just opening the package the wonderful mulberry smell envelops you; it smells very sweet, like candy. Even better when melted in the heater and the smell is perfect for Christmas time... ...»
Customer Feedback...
«very cute candles.  Love the scent»


Customer Feedback...
«These candles burn very well and are long lasting. Love the smells!»


Customer Feedback...
«Excellent seller.  Got it right away and great product.  I wish every order I placed would be like this!»


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